Find the Best Cakes Online for A Swift Birthday Cake Delivery to Sydney, Australia

Find the Best Cakes Online for A Swift Birthday Cake Delivery to Sydney, Australia

Is it your worst nightmare too that you might forget your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday… again? Perhaps you’ve made yourself guilty of this dreadful oversight a few times too many. She’s let you know that another trespass will result in harsh punishment. You try to be a good partner, but somehow, something always happens that makes you forget the important day. This time, you’ve decided to leave nothing to chance.

Keeping Murphy’s law from interfering with your plans

Determined that this year, you won’t forget the day which has with time become even more important than your own birthday, you’ve taken some precautions:

  • As the day draws near, you’re keeping a handkerchief well in sight. Of course, you’ve tied it in a solid knot.
  • You keep two calendars, one digital and the second one old-fashioned on paper. Both have the day marked in red.
  • You’ve made a deal with a reliable friend to remind you in time. He’ll make sure that you’ll be on time at the florist’s and that you’ll buy a pretty ring for her at the jeweller. He’s also directed you to Cake Mail and helped you order a birthday cake for delivery in Sydney, Australia.

Among the best birthday cakes in Sydney

Even though our company is still relatively new – we’ve only been on the market for half a year – our delicious Cake Mail cakes are already considered among the best birthday cakes in Sydney.

Count their blessings:

  • Our gourmet cakes at Cake Mail look gorgeous, are available for four up to sixteen persons, and come in various playful designs. Not to mention taste! You’ll find some nifty combinations will make you eat your portion to the final crumb, and even lick your plate clean.
  • They’re affordable too. You can order one of our birthday cakes online for Sydney delivery for as little as $39. An extra $10 guarantee you a delivery on the next day.
  • Our quick delivery of last-minute cakes makes us proudest of all.

Cake Mail to the rescue!

The dreaded day has finally arrived. You’ve left home early, and you’re at the job, unaware that your significant other has taken away your handkerchief. She’s grumpy that you’ve forgotten her birthday again, and calls you a slob for leaving such a dirty thing just lying around. Of all days, today, you’ve misplaced your paper calendar, and the internet is down due to a defect server. Your friend has caught a nasty flu; he’s in bed, sniffing and sneezing.

As the time arrives to go home from work, you realise that some vital information has escaped your mind. Minutes before the florist and jeweller close, sweat breaks out. You know! As you are thinking of an explanation, the familiar blip-blip of your telephone sounds. Her SMS makes it clear to you that at least the cake has arrived in time. You smile and send up a little prayer of thanks. You text her that flowers and a little gift will still follow. She answers you that flowers are boring. A cake mail is better.