Order Cake Online Today for Delivery In Sydney Tomorrow

Order Cake Online Today for Delivery In Sydney Tomorrow

Thanks to the discovery of the heating effect of high-power microwave beams in 1945, cooking and baking have become a lot easier for us. You can make mug cakes in a jiffy, and most of the energy and time you spend on them goes into the decorating. Once you get the knack of preparing a soufflé in the microwave oven, it becomes as simple as breathing. Your friends commend you, dubbing you the second Reynold Poernomo.

Big cakes are another matter

If only you could bake as well as a Master Chef. Mug cakes are easy. Baking a big cake, however, is not so simple.

  • You must stick accurately to the recipe. Cheating with the numbers is a sure-fire way to failure. Your oven must be reliable too. If your recipe requires 180°C, then 190 or 170 won’t do.
  • Did you know that if your oven’s temperature is too high, a simple pound cake will stay raw inside? That sounds strange, but even accomplished bakers may make this mistake.
  • No matter how careful you are, once your cake is ready, it may yet come out of the oven looking like a flying saucer, a work of abstract art or Pisa’s leaning tower. The crumb may be too dense or too dry. Are you sure you used a pinch of salt and 100 grams of sugar, or could it be that you accidentally switched both quantities?
  • The final challenge lies in the decorating. An icing that dries too quickly, chocolate incorrectly tempered, or fruit making the cake soggy may yet be your downfall.

You want to show off your cooking skills, earn more compliments, but you’re still learning, and your product always looks amateurish.

Cake delivery in Sydney to save you from losing face

A cake is often the highlight of a party or celebration, and you want it to look good. Even if you practice diligently, and even if each bake you finish looks better than the last, you’re not there yet. Until you can excel as a true dessert maker, leave this task to Cake Mail.

Conveniently located half an hour’s drive from Sydney, we deliver economically-priced cakes in a variety of tastes, colours, and sizes. We’re extremely quick too. Order online today for cake delivery in Sydney tomorrow. Your cake order to Sydney will cost an affordable $39. Add only $10 for our next-day delivery guarantee.

Don’t take any chances

For a special occasion such as a birthday, new job, or graduation, don’t waste time and energy in your kitchen if you’re not ready yet to show off your growing talent. Order your cake online in Sydney at Cake Mail. It will be our secret. Consider the following pros too:

  • We deliver cakes for as few as four persons and as many as sixteen.
  • Our sense of humour shows in the designs. They are bound to have your guests talking about the delicious even weeks after they’ve eaten it.
  • You’ll love the playful taste combinations of Nutella, pretzels, and popcorn (the OTT), salted caramel and chocolate (Snickers Bae) or fluffy vanilla and crunchy M&M’s (It’s you Birthday).

Soon the time will arrive that you’ve achieved Reynold’s level. Until that day, simply enjoy Cake Mail, with your guests. If they give you compliments, don’t tell them who’s behind your success. We too will keep the secret.