Alcohol Birthday Cakes

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Alcohol Birthday Cakes

Alcohol birthday cakes

Deliver a cake that is unlike any other with Cakemail’s impressive collection of alcohol cakes. From something wine-inspired to our famous tipsy cake, there is an alcohol themed cake in our range to suit every event and occasion. Each alcohol cake design in this individual collection features a unique design that will wow the crowd. Step away from the boring cakes of old and spruce up your next celebration by ordering an alcohol-themed birthday cake online.

Bring the party home with alcohol-themed cakes

If you really want to get the party started, nothing will impress your guests like our alcohol-themed birthday cakes. Popping with flavour and bubbling with showmanship, our alcohol drip cakes will bring that va-va-voom to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Our alcohol birthday cakes will provide the ultimate indulgence when regular cakes don't cut it. On layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge, buttercream and frosting, our alcohol cake designs feature decadent and generous decorations that complement the alcoholic flavours that top the cake.

Looking for something even more decadent? Flanked by a seductive bottle of Shiraz chocolate, meringue dust, gold leaf, caramel popcorn and chocolate ganache drip, our It’s Wine O’Clock alcohol cake is perfect for those who enjoy indulging in rich flavours with a touch of sweetness, for special occasions or just because.

The best present of all

We all have that one friend who is impossible to buy for when it comes to their birthday. So this year, you can stop agonising over cufflinks and fountain pens and go with something a little out of the ordinary. Cakemail is the number one delivery service for alcohol cakes in Melbourne and Sydney and the one you can trust to design and deliver impressive alcohol birthday cakes.

Our alcohol-themed birthday cakes are unique, playful and totally out there, giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd with a present that is far beyond anything else the birthday boy or girl will receive. Check out our best sellers or order an alcohol cake online today and show your nearest and dearest just how much flavour a birthday can bring.

An alcohol-themed cake for all occasions

Looking for cakes to celebrate other special occasions? With soft layers of cloud-like spongecake and saccharine decorations, level up your holiday celebrations with Easter cakes from Cakemail for the ultimate luxury to bring your friends and family together. Boasting themed decorations of chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and other indulgent treats, our Easter cakes are sure to capture the imagination and sweet tooth of every child, big and small.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, an engagement, or you just want to add a touch of sweetness to your next office party, our alcohol cakes are the thing you’ve been missing. Like all of the alcohol cakes designs in our decadent collection, our liquor-themed cakes are created with care and style in mind, so you will end up with a work of art that you can proudly put on display before enjoying the first bite!

Contact us today to order your alcohol-themed cake online and offer your family and friends an alcohol cake that is truly unlike anything else you will find.