About Us

From the age of 11, a boy named Jonny would bake and make cakes for the fun of it during his spare time for close friends and family for various events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

After graduating from school, it was time to look for work. He applied for various jobs and after being rejected for part time work at a KFC, Jonny made the decision to pursue cake making as a career at the age of 17 making cakes out of his garage.

Success with his cakes was found after instagram celebrities would share photos of the cakes online. After a few appearances in the media such as Daily Mail, KIIS 1065 and The Today Show, Jonny needed more hands on deck.

Founded in 2017 by Jonathan Massaad, Cake Mail was born to change the way customers send gifts. As a result of the boredom and lack of options that Australia’s cake and gift giving industry had available for last minute delivery, we needed to take action and innovate.

In 2019, we opened our 2nd warehouse in Melbourne during the pandemic to help the residents celebrate their birthdays with friends sending a cake to their doorstep on their special day. Fast-forward to 2022, the 3rd warehouse in Brisbane has just opened with over 25+ employees across the 3 states.

Cake Mail is now the original creator of the Insta-famous Nutella Ooze & Ferrero Fountain and home to many more delectable cakes. If you’re considering sending Australia’s most decadent and unconventional delivery, It is safe to say you’re in the right place.

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