Birthday Cakes

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Birthday Cakes


Key Questions to Ask Cake Mail about Birthday Cakes

A birthday is a special day to celebrate a person’s life and let them know that you’re glad they were born. You want to make sure to get their gift right, so if you’re considering having a cake delivered, here are a few questions you might want to ask the bakery:

  • Can you deliver at the last minute?

Ever found yourself panicking on a loved one’s special day looking up ‘birthday cakes near me’ online? In a perfect world, we would all plan everything sufficiently ahead, but who are we kidding? Sometimes, you need a last-minute gift — and we can handle it.

  • What is your delivery fee? 

Don’t get caught off guard by a delivery fee that’s nearly as much as the cake itself. Our delivery fee is only $10!

  • When do you deliver? 

We deliver Monday through Saturday. If you need a cake on Sunday, we recommend Saturday delivery as your cake will be fresh and delicious for up to three days. 

  • Does someone have to be home? 

We understand that sometimes you want your cake to be a surprise, so if there’s no one home to accept the delivery, we’ll leave it at the door as long as it’s safe. 

  • Can I cancel my order? 

We allow order cancellations for a full refund two business days or more before the scheduled delivery date. 

  • How should the cake be stored? 

On a cool day, your cake will be fine outside the fridge for up to five hours. To be safe, store in the refrigerator for up to three days, but remove the cake two hours before serving for the best quality. 

Can’t find the answer you need? Head to our FAQ page or contact us — we’d be happy to help you.

Tips for Choosing Children’s Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are more than just desserts — they are an essential part of any birthday celebration, bringing joy, excitement and happiness to the birthday celebrant and their guests.

There are countless store options for birthday cakes, but not all are created equal. If you want to make your loved one's birthday special, you need the best birthday cake in Sydney or Melbourne  — that's where Cake Mail comes in.

Choosing a cake is an art form. Don’t just point and click — take some time to browse the selection and consider which cake would be ideal for your recipient, from the size and shape to the flavour and the decorations. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right cake:

  • Flavour There are endless cake flavours, from vanilla to chocolate and everything in between. If you know the recipient’s favourite flavour, you’re ahead of the game. If not, see if you can find out discreetly. If all else fails, any well-known flavour will likely be well-received — it’s cake, after all!
  • Size Consider how many people will be enjoying the cake. You can choose a small, personal cake for an individual or go for something larger if they’ll be sharing their gift with a group. One of the nice things about ordering online is the many options you’ll have. 
  • Décor Does the birthday boy or girl love The Simpsons? Unicorns? Disney princesses? Do they have a favourite candy such as Snickers or Kit Kats? Do their tastes lean more sophisticated or more colourful and bright? We can incorporate any of these into a dazzling and memorable birthday cake, which we can deliver right on time.

Best Birthday Cake Delivery in Sydney & Melbourne 

Birthdays are one of the special moments everyone looks forward to — it's usually a day to celebrate the existence of life. People celebrate their birthdays in different manners and styles, but one thing remains constant at birthdays — cakes!

The cake is usually what distinguishes a birthday celebration from a regular party.

Birthday cakes come in different sizes, shapes, colours, flavours and designs depending on the type of party or celebration you are having. If you want a birthday cake delivery service in Sydney, Melbourne or Wollongong, browse our collection to get the party started! 

Some of our top designs include:

1. Selfie Cake

Selfie cakes are catchy — and it’s one we at Cake Mail pride ourselves on making. It's made with a chocolate sponge and vanilla buttercream and has an edible image of the birthday boy or girl. This cake is made on a pre-order basis, which means you have to give 24 hours notice before the birthday cake delivery or pickup date.

2. Gluten-Free Cake

Our gluten-free Nutella deluxe comes in chocolate mud and chocolate ganache flavour; it's an excellent choice for people on a gluten-free diet!

3. Alcohol Cakes

The flavour of alcohol mixed with cake is one you would always enjoy eating. Some of our cakes with alcoholic decorations are The Tipsy Cake and Scotch and Cake.

Take the Cake

For your next birthday party, get in touch with Cake Mail for the best birthday cakes in Sydney. We also offer birthday cake delivery within Melbourne and our delivery service is one you can always rely on to arrive when you need it.



Why should I purchase a birthday cake with Cake Mail?

If you’re looking for a birthday cake delivery service in Sydney or Melbourne, you won’t find a place that can top our range of birthday cakes. Given the abundant choices available, we are bound to have something you and your guests will love. Our birthday cakes are delicious, gorgeous and fun — the perfect culmination for a successful birthday party!

Why does Cake Mail offer the best birthday cakes in Sydney and Melbourne?

We believe ours are the best birthday cakes in Sydney and Melbourne because they are the perfect marriage of taste and appearance. While our decorations and finishing touches are a feast for the eyes, your guests will surely return for a second slice.

What type of birthday cakes does Cake Mail offer? 

If you are searching for a fun birthday cake in Melbourne or Sydney that is both delicious and eye-catching, then look no further. All our birthday cakes taste absolutely divine and have a WOW factor that is bound to impress your guests.

Can I customise my birthday cake order with Cake Mail? 

Yes, of course! When ordering any of our birthday cakes, you can customise them by adding a message, a topper, candles or sparkles. Due to the number of orders we fulfill every day, we cannot modify the cake itself, but since we offer such a wide variety of cakes, including halal and gluten-free cakes, we are sure you’ll find something you and your guests will delight in.

How long will it take for my birthday cake to arrive?

The Cake Gods at Cake Mail are here for those of you who have ‘birthday cakes near me’ on your search bars or those simply looking for the best birthday cakes in Sydney and Melbourne  for same-day delivery!

We do deliveries from Monday to Saturday. Order a cake before 12pm on weekdays, and we will deliver your cake by 5:30 pm. If you can’t make the 12pm cut-off time, you can pick up your cake from our Smithfield warehouse. Contact us at 02 8223 4856 to arrange this. 

If you wish to order a birthday cake for a Sunday celebration, we suggest a Saturday delivery, as our cakes are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious for up to three days. Simply store the cake in your fridge overnight, then take it out 5-6 hours before consuming. Contact us today for your birthday cake delivery and get a taste of the best birthday cakes in Sydney & Melbourne.