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Chocolate Cakes

Laced with rich and decadent flavours, our chocolate creations offer the ultimate indulgence to give into your cravings and spoil your loved ones on special occasions. With lavish confections and fillings that will set your taste buds alight, order your chocolate cake in Sydney, Melbourne and surrounding areas today to make your event one to remember.

Go back for one more slice — enjoy a delicious chocolate cake in Sydney 

For chocolate cakes in Sydney that are dripping in rich icing, velvety cream and adorned with extravagant toppings, order yours today from Cake Mail to enjoy precious morsels to capture the spirit and joy of the moment.

Wondering which cake will match the mood of your upcoming event? Check out some of our most popular:

  • Delightful chocolate fountain cakes that let you experience the excitement of pulling up the sheet until the yummy chocolate ganache oozes and gently cascades down the base.
  • All kinds of chocolate cakes — from indulgent cakes for special occasions and cute selfie cakes that let you take a bite out of your loved ones to intricately decadent options overflowing with your favourite brand of chocolate confectionery and other luscious toppings.
  • Whimsical chocolate cakes for kids, cupcake bouquets and fancy individual chocolate cupcakes make sharing their yumminess a breeze.

Why wait for a birthday? If you’re feeling a little indulgent, treat yourself to one of our chocolate cakes in Sydney and spoil yourself with the delicious offerings at Cakemail.

Blow out the candles and sink your teeth into our scrumptious chocolate cakes

So, take your pick from our mouthwatering range of chocolate cakes and prepare to be wowed with every moreish bite. Trust us, choosing just one is no easy cakewalk (pun intended) because the chocolate cakes in this selection are guaranteed to knock your socks off!

If there’s one area where Cakemail seriously shines, it’s in the design and delivery of chocolate cakes in Sydney & Melbourne. Just check out the cake designs we have available and we think you’ll agree that death by chocolate is truly the only way to go.

All your favourites in one place

Chocolate is decadence in all of its rich and creamy glory and our selection of chocolate cakes have all of that cocoa goodness combined with your favourite treats, to make some of the most awe-inspiring cakes you have ever seen.

From the famous Ferrero Fountain to The Bueno Surprise, you have the chance to go all out and impress at your next birthday or celebration. All you need to do is order one of our gorgeous chocolate cakes online, and we will deliver one of our inspired creations direct to your door.

The best chocolate cakes in Sydney & Melbourne

It’s true — Cakemail has the best chocolate cakes.

From the designs to the delivery options, when you order chocolate cakes online from Cakemail, you are guaranteed to be happy with the results.

Like all the decadent cakes in our collection, our chocolate cakes in Sydney and Melbourne are just as tasty as they are impressive. Don’t waste your time on other cake delivery services — order your cakes online with Cakemail and let us deliver the best chocolate cakes in the business directly to your home or workplace.

From birthdays and christenings to office parties and engagements, Cakemail has you covered with the best range of chocolate cakes in Sydney & Melbourne. We are always available to help all cake lovers, so feel free to contact us with any questions before ordering.

If you’re having trouble deciding, our team of cake experts is on standby to help you choose the best chocolate cake for the occasion or craving.

Otherwise, simply jump online and order your decadent chocolate cakes today.