21st Birthday Cake

Celebrate a Monumental Birthday with a Gorgeous 21st Birthday Cake

Do you know someone special who deserves a delicious 21st birthday cake? Whether it’s a friend, a sibling, a cousin, a son, or a daughter, they deserve the most delightful greeting available. Cake Mail blazes new ground to bring high-quality, creative cakes exactly where you need them to go. Keep reading below to learn about how you could send an 18th birthday cake, a 21st birthday cake and sweet surprises for every birthday to someone close to you.

What You Should Know about Cake Mail’s Birthday Cakes

There are several ways in which our 21st birthday cake service will impress you:

  • We keep our pricing so low and reasonable that people often ask us what the catch is. The reality is that we simply keep things at the price they should be, and as a small company, we keep our overhead minimal. Thus, we can pass the savings on to you without sacrificing anything in quality or service for your 21st birthday cake order.
  • Our team will deliver the cakes you order anywhere you want in Sydney and the surrounding area. We’ll deliver up to 50 km away from Parramatta. If you aren’t sure whether the address you need a cake delivered to is within range, contact us to find out.
  • You can even customise your cake to suit the recipient perfectly. Find the right style as a base for them, then continue to add on adjustments until you arrive at the 30th birthday cake that resonates with their style.
  • Even if you’ve forgotten to order something for their 40th birthday and the day is upon you, give us a call. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that we can accommodate last minute orders as well. Regardless of when you call, we can make something happen for a last minute 40th birthday cake.
  • If you miss the 12 pm cut-off time for same-day delivery, don't worry! You can also pick up your 21st birthday cake from our Smithfield warehouse — just contact us at 02 8223 4856.

A History of the 1st Birthday Cake

We’re fanatics when it comes to cakes, whether it’s your 21st birthday cake or 50th. Simply put, they’re our favourite dessert. When you’ve had some of our more extravagant options, it’s easy to see why. Did you know, though, how birthday cakes got started?

  • The earliest beginnings of giving cakes and other gifts for birthdays is traced to the Romans. When they weren’t busy conquering the world in togas, they enjoyed a good time. Part of that involved exchanging pastries to celebrate birthdays.
  • Only in the 19th century did birthdays become iconically associated with cakes in particular. The trend started a little earlier, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that it became commonplace.
  • Birthday cakes got a much-needed shot in the arm when “Happy Birthday to You” was written and released. It’s a simple song, but that’s part of its charm. And we’re grateful for it because as soon as people were singing with the cake, its place was set in history and the world was never the same. Instead, things changed for the better, and certainly the sweeter for your 21st birthday cake and every other birthday cake after.

Little Known Facts about the 50th Birthday Cake

The best-kept secret about our 21st birthday cakes in Sydney is that now you have the option of ordering them directly to the people who need them most. You can order any size ranging from a mini 21st birthday cake to be split between four people, up to a tall party size with a seven-inch diameter. Get the birthday star a beautiful, delicious 21st cake filled with goodies on the inside.

We make the ordering process easy, we simplify the delivery, and we ensure the cakes are delicious. Pair them with additional gifts to truly send the message home or send the cake by itself for a greeting sweeter than any other. We encourage you to contact us today with any questions or to place an order conveniently online when you’re set on what you’d like.

Order a 21st birthday cake and more today

From special celebratory 21st birthday cakes and cupcakes to balloons, Cake Mail is your sweetest celebration partner. Order now to enjoy a 21st birthday cake and more from Cake Mail — your favourite source for tasty surprises in Sydney and Melbourne.

We offer next-day and same-day deliveries (except on Sundays) for our customers. Check our FAQs for more information.

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