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We Delivery Gourmet Cakes to Balmain for Your Special Occasion

You can make your next special occasion extra, super special with cakes for a Balmain workplace or home. Gourmet cake delivery is a fun and easy way to celebrate a birthday, gender reveal, or another occasion.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Balmain Cakes

Cake, special desserts, or a dessert crate will delight your guests and often save you time and money. Here’s how. 

  • Store your leftover cake in the fridge.Our cakes will last up to three days if properly stored in a fridge. At your party, do not have the cake out for more than five hours. Place it in the fridge instead, and you will be able to enjoy cake for a few more days. For the best-tasting leftover cake, remove the cake from the fridge two hours before you plan to eat it so that it has a chance to warm to room temperature.
  • Save the $10 delivery fee. Instead of paying for convenient delivery, you can choose to pick up a cake from our warehouse in Rydalmere. Keep in mind that pick-up orders cannot be placed ahead of time and are subject to availability. If you want to pick up your own cake, call on the day-of to place your order and arrange pick-up.
  • Pay in instalments. Our cakes and other desserts are reasonably priced with cakes starting at as little as $39. When ordering your cake, you have the option to pay for the cake and delivery as one payment, or you can select Afterpay. Afterpay allows you to make four interest-free instalments using your debit or credit card. Payment is collected every two weeks, allowing you to eat now and pay later.

Why Trust Cake Mail Regarding Balmain Cake Delivery?

Celebrations are always better with cake, but we do not always have time to make and decorate a cake ourselves. You can trust Cake Mail to deliver a decadent dessert for your special occasion, because: 

  • We have a variety of cakes and desserts. Choose from more than twenty different cakes. Add a topper, candles, sparklers, or a balloon to make your guests feel extra-special. In addition to cakes, we have dessert crates, reusable wooden crates that come filled with delicious goods such as chocolate donuts, caramel popcorn, and Oreo fairy floss. Love donuts or cupcakes? We have donut towers, donut pops, and decorated cupcakes, too.
  • Our price. Our gourmet cakes are reasonably priced to ensure that they are an affordable alternative to fancy flowers or pricey petit fours. Cakes come in four sizes that serve 4 to 35 guests, making them the perfect option for any party.
  • Convenience. Delivery from our cake shop to Balmain homes or offices (plus other areas of Sydney) saves you time and effort. We deliver from Monday to Saturday, working to ensure that our cakes arrive before 5pm for workplaces and before 6pm for residential addresses. Need a cake last-minute? No problem! Place your order by 12pm today for same-day delivery or call us to pick up a cake at our Rydalmere warehouse.

About Cake Mail

We make gourmet cakes and desserts for all occasions from birthdays to gender reveals. Our donut towers and donut pops make excellent edible gifts for family and friends. We deliver to the Sydney area from our warehouse and send exclusive offers and free cake giveaways to members of our Cake Club.

Join the Cake Club today, and get in touch if you’re ready to order a cake.

Is there anything better than having your favourite treats delivered right to your doorstep? With our cake delivery in Balmain, you really can have your cake and eat it too. 

From our best-selling Ferrero Fountain cake to our customisable Selfie cake, moist vanilla sponge cakes, and oozing cupcakes in Balmain, place an order online and receive a delicious treat in 24 hours (or less!). 

Mouth-watering cakes for every occasion 

Whether you’re in charge of organising a birthday cake for a special friend, want to surprise your significant other with an anniversary treat, spoiling a sibling for graduation, need a last-minute baby shower, corporate or another special celebration cake, Cake Mail has you covered.

Your go-to shop for cake delivery in Balmain

While you may know our famous cakes from many social media stories and posts, they are just as delicious as they are eye-catching. Available in various exciting flavours, taste our chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, caramel, meringue, peanut butter combinations — delicious enough to satisfy even the deepest of cake cravings. 

Place an order online today and sink your teeth into some of the best tasting cakes in Balmain.

For more information about our cake delivery or occasion-specific cakes, please reach out to us today.

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