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Do you want to send a thoughtful gift to a friend, but you simply don't have the time to go looking for cakes in Parramatta? What if you're out of time altogether, and a friend's birthday is tomorrow — or even today? While it might feel at first as though you are out of options, the truth is, you aren't! With Cake Mail on your side, you can find a birthday cake in Parramatta online with ease and arrange for delivery straight to your recipient's front door on the very same day. 

What Sets Cake Mail Apart in Parramatta for Cake Delivery

When you need a same day cake in Parramatta, why should you give your business to Cake Mail? It's not just the convenience we offer that allows us to stand out from the crowd. It's also the fact that we provide:

  • Incredible designs to suit all kinds of cake lovers. From options to delight the Simpsons fan in your life to cakes that come topped with exciting gifts of their own, you can trust on their surprise and excitement when they open the box and unveil the cake inside. 
  • Same-day delivery with dependable results. Orders placed in the morning are delivered by the end of the same day, so don't think it's too late — you can still celebrate. 
  • Friendly customer service to help you make the right arrangements. Not sure what cake you should choose, or how to arrange delivery for a tricky location? Our staff is on hand to help guide you to the right answers and ensure your order is successful. 

With these defining attributes on our side and an established record of superior service, you can order from our team with confidence. 

Fast Facts About Our Cake Shop in Parramatta 

With the choice of where to turn for help out of the way, here are the important things to keep in mind about the service we offer:

  • We guarantee delivery by the end of the day, even for orders placed by our cut-off time of 12 noon on delivery day. For those ordering to a workplace, you can expect your eye-catching dessert to arrive by 5 pm, and for those taking delivery at home, our courteous drivers will drop off your cake no later than 6 pm. If you think you'll need your cake with a little more time to spare, we encourage you to order a day ahead!
  • Enjoy our cakes at your own pace — they're at their best for up to three days when properly stored in the fridge, so there's no need to rush to devour them. That said, don't be surprised if you turn around and crumbs are the only thing left on the plate. We hear they're irresistible, especially when you choose a decadent delight such as our Nutella-packed OTT, or "Over the Top" cake. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer customisation or personalisation for your cake, as we must be able to maintain our ability to provide same-day delivery. However, we have more than two dozen cake designs in Parramatta from which to choose, plus tonnes of delectable desserts — so our customers rarely encounter an inability to find something that matches the recipient's tastes.

Got all that? If you're ready to take the next steps, start exploring our selection of cakes and desserts right now. 

About the Staff at Cake Mail

At Cake Mail, happy occasions are our stock in trade, and our staff works tirelessly to ensure that our customers can receive and enjoy fabulous cakes without delay. Our delivery staff are prompt, courteous and always willing to work to contact you to ensure delivery is made on the first attempt. When you need a cake now, count on us to get it done. Contact us for further details

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