Wholesale Cakes

Are you ready to give your customers an exciting cake experience? Why not purchase cake jars from Cake Mail? Our range of unique and delectable flavours is sure to impress any cake lover.

Discover the range of cake jars from Cake Mail today!

Why you should buy cake jars in Sydney

Whether you’re short on time or want to upgrade your stock, there are many benefits to purchasing cake jars in Sydney from Cake Mail, including:

  • Broader product ranges — Ordering cake jars from a supplier like Cake Mail means access to a wide range of flavours, decorative aesthetics and designs. Our cakes are dressed to impress and will leave a lasting impression on your customers. 
  • Seven-day shelf life — Our range of cake jars has a seven-day shelf life and can be stored in a fridge overnight. This comes in handy if you experience fluctuations in foot traffic throughout the day. 
  • Cost-effective — Whether you’re planning on picking up 15 or 45 of our delicious wholesale cakes, purchasing our cake jars in bulk is cheaper than purchasing at regular retail prices. 

  • Shipping and delivery with Cake Mail

    We deliver our cake jars to cafes across 1,000 suburbs in Sydney. Please note that we can only deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

    How to order wholesale cakes with Cake Mail

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    Alternatively, contact us at (02) 8223 4856 or via email at hello@cakemail.com.au if you want more information about our wholesale cake jars.

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