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Delivery Cakes in Newtown 

Finding the perfect cakes in Newtown isn’t easy and finding a cake last-minute can seem impossible. Cake Mail makes it easier than ever to shop for your next special occasion with themed desserts, easy delivery, and same-day ordering options. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, or anniversary, Cake Mail has you covered in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

Why Cake Delivery in Newtown Is Becoming So Popular

As technology leaps forward, in addition to addictive phone apps, we get unique and ever-expanding gift options at the touch of a keyboard. That’s just one reason why cake delivery is becoming the gift of choice. A few more:

  • Edible Gifts. Flowers are beautiful but rarely last long, and they are very rarely edible. When you get a cake for an occasion instead, you give a gift that can be shared and eaten with friends and family, creating an experience that you’ll all remember. Our desserts are beautiful, delicious, and won’t be left to slowly wilt until they must be thrown in the trash.
  • Convenience. You don’t always have the means to pick up a treat from a cake shop in Newtown and ensure that it stays perfectly arranged along the way to your destination. That’s why our delivery service is such a great option: you order, and we take care of the rest. You’ll receive your cake, designs intact, for only a $10 delivery fee. 
  • Variety. Every party is different, which is why we offer a selection of cakes for different occasions and in many proportions. Our desserts come in four sizes that range from 4 to 35 servings so you can prepare for any sized party. 

This year think outside of the box and order from our cake shop to spice up your occasion. We will help make your party unique with an exciting, original cake hand-picked by you.

Creative Occasions for Cakes 

Dessert is a must for any big celebration, and cake is a timeless choice, no matter the event. 

  • Baby Shower: The baby may not be able to enjoy cake yet, but the mom-to-be will certainly appreciate it! We carry gender cakes as well as a gender reveal cakes for those not interested in cleaning up confetti after the party.
  • Anniversary: Whether it is one month, one year, or ten years, nothing says “let’s get old and fat together” like a delicious cake. Our Snickers Bar cake is a great choice for couples who love caramel and peanut butter almost as much as they love each other. 
  • Bachelorette Party: On the last day of freedom, liquor is essential, and you can start the party right with one of our alcohol-infused cakes. The bride-to-be will love our Red Velvet Wine Cake that comes with her very own Shiraz. Sugar, wine, and her mates will make this the best last night of being single. 

Cake Mail carries the best delivery cakes in Newtown with prices starting as low as $39. Our delivery options are ideal for last-minute occasions and busy holidays. Cancellation is available two days in advance if the chefs have not already begun your cake construction. We also have the “Cake Club,” the tastiest club in town, through which you can get discounts and even enter for free cake giveaways.

Don’t let your party down. Order from Cake Mail today and secure the perfect dessert for your occasion.

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